The Basic Practices

Playing | Warming | Giving | Asking

Jeff has broken it down to four basic modes of interacting: playing, warming, giving , and asking.

Jeff takes you carefully through each mode of interaction, helping you find your own unique way to creatively implement them in your life. Jeff designed the MIM Method to work in small steps, allowing you to generate new habits of action and thought that will spontaneously arise when you need them.

Most of these interactions are minimal, deceptively so. The magic of this approach is the profound (often surprising) changes you experience once it becomes integrated into your daily life. MIM does not ask you to change anything about your personality. Rather, MIM shows you the joy that comes from spontaneously bringing more of yourself effortlessly to the people you care most about.

The core mindset and the basic practices work together in a reciprocal way. The more you learn to inhabit and embody the core attitude, the more you will spontaneously enact the basic generative interactions; and the more you spontaneously enact those simple practices, the more often you find yourself naturally living from your deepest experience of meaningful connection.

“I love how you encouraged me to rethink my approach to life. I remember emailing you a few days after a session and basically begging you to give me a few more little tasks. You were really nice about it and started giving me extra ‘homework’ each week. The tasks were super fun and they helped me realize that being myself in challenging situations is always the right way to go.” - Megan Diaz

He approaches parenting as a set of skills one can refine, but also as a loving game one can play better than one imagined. He likes rules, but only good ones, ones that make the process clearer, firmer, safer. He also likes free styling, improvising, making it up in the moment, and another way of saying that is that he is seen by a great many folks as the most unpredictably creative and deeply intuitive person they've ever met.” - Jane Braughtigan

“I always look forward to our sessions. I really appreciated the way I could have mini-sessions with Jeff in the middle of the week if I needed a little feedback.” — Carol Richards

Contact Jeff

Feel free to email me if you want to begin working together or if you’d like a free phone/video consultation to find out more.

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