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Creating Better Connections

I help people connect in new ways. I began by showing parents how to find small yet powerful ways to connect more deeply with their children. Soon, I expanded my approach to show people how you can enrich any of your core relationships. If you want to bring more of your true self into your day-to-day life — to your friends, family, co-workers, wider community — I’d love to work with you. My approach is based in showing you how very small changes can lead to big results. First, I teach you a simple mindset that you typically forget to take into your relationships; next, I’ll show you step-by-step how to build four deceptively simple habits into your life. These simple new habits are quite magical. They will add surprises of depth, joy, and meaning to your relationships. Rather than getting stuck in old patterns of thought and routines, I’ll help you engage playfully and more authentically with the people you care about most. Read below to learn more about my approach, or schedule a free phone/video consultation. I’d love to hear any questions you might have.

The Problem

We get in ruts. Some of these ruts are deep, others may just be starting to surface. Perhaps our kids (the older ones) ignore us. Our best friends aren’t always the best at keeping in touch. Our partners become more like business partners. To some extent, we can feel a distance growing between what’s most alive inside our hearts and the routine blandness of our days. Some of these ruts are deep, others may just be surfacing. Do any of the following relate to you?

  • You want more joy, fun, and meaning in your friendships.

  • You feel distance growing between you and your teenager.

  • You keep too much of yourself hidden from the world.

  • You feel stuck in a rut.

  • You sometimes feel that you give more than you get.

  • You want more adventure in your day-to-day life.

  • You don’t know how to bring yourself more authentically to your kids, regardless of their age.

  • You’re bored.

  • You want to feel heard and seen by more of the people you care about.

  • You would like some real support in exploring new ways of being.

The Solution

First, just notice the ruts. Even if they are small.

The solution starts when we begin to notice that we are dissatisfied. We are dissatisfied because we know there is a happier, more joyful way to live.

All of our relationships matter. All of them. From our intimate partners, to our children, to our best friends, all the way down to our daily acquaintances and the people we only know on the outskirts of our life (the barista, our friend’s friend, the guy we always see through the store window) they all can be sources of real joy and connection.

Next, things get interesting: we do something. It can be a very small something.

This is where Jeff comes in. Jeff’s approach is carefully designed to show you how to reconnect to what matters the most in small, fun, and interesting ways. After getting to know you through a comprehensive first session, Jeff then designs his program around your unique life situation. He will craft specific ‘mini-missions’ or ‘tasks’ to connect more deeply and more joyfully with the people in your lives.

Jeff's approach is grounded in the latest research on habit formation, creativity, and sustained happiness (see FAQ page for details). Read below to learn more about how you can work with Jeff, or set up a free phone/video consultation.

3 Ways to Work Together

Six-Week Program

Breakthrough Session

Individual Coaching Sessions

The Core Mindset

Jeff’s approach can be boiled down to one phrase: Minimal is Maximal. That’s why it's called the MIM Method. The basic attitude behind MIM is reflected in five key shifts in how you think about your connections to the people in your life. Jeff begins by teaching you specific ways these shifts can help to ground you in this basic attitude. These core changes can then lead to a fundamental shift in thought.

The Basic Practices

Jeff has broken the practices down to four basic modes of interacting:

  • Playing

  • Warming

  • Giving

  • Asking

“I'd recommend any course or consultation Jeff has on offer, knowing that he'd sense what was most needed at the time, and that he'd also notice if the need changed and then offer something else, something both playful and heartfelt, some wise and true and skillful way of working to meet the moment.” — Wendy Martyna, Ph.D.

About Me

In my 20+ years of working with people, I have found there is a magical quality that happens when a small change is made at the right time. My strength is in designing custom-made experiences for each individual. Using what I call the Minimal-Is-Maximal Approach, I’ll offer you a clear and unique pathway towards engaging with your life in a new way, assisting you in bringing more of yourself to the people and contexts that matter the most to you.

(That picture was taken by my friend Brennan shortly after I was introduced to the joy of Ladder Ball)


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