Three Ways To Work With Me

Six-Week MIM Program

The Six-Week Program takes you step-by-step into each facet of Jeff’s approach to maximizing your core relationships.

Jeff has designed the six-week program so that each week builds naturally upon the others, ensuring that you have time to fully explore and integrate your experience each step of the way.

Before your first session, Jeff will give you a substantive questionnaire to fill out and get back to him. Many clients report that the questionnaire itself is an engaging and interesting experience. Jeff uses the information on the questionnaire to design specific aspects of each week’s lesson around the unique elements of your life.

During your weekly sessions, Jeff will make sure that you are grounded in the core mindset that makes the basic practices flow naturally. Each week, Jeff will help you fine-tune your growing skill set and show you how to begin integrating them into your life.

You have the option of contacting Jeff during the week for ‘mini-sessions.’ Jeff is happy to give immediate feedback during the week, and many people ask Jeff to design more ‘task’s for them during the week.

At the end of the six weeks, Jeff will provide you with a detailed report regarding specific ways you can extend what you’ve learned further into your life. During the final session, Jeff  likes to give each client a few interesting longer term ‘tasks’ to explore, and he offers a free consultation three months later to address any questions that have arisen now that you are putting MIM into practice in your daily life.

The six-week program provides you with the deepest exploration of the core skills and practices that define Jeff’s approach. You can work individually with Jeff each week or you can work in a small group (maximum of 3).

Individual six-week program: $1,200

Small group six-week program: $800.

Email for a free consultation to see which program is best for you.

Breakthrough Session

The breakthrough session is a two-hour individual ‘workshop’ designed for people who want the entire MIM Method in one session. Jeff has designed this special two-hour session to ensure that you will have a strong handle on MIM’s core mindset and on how to begin integrating the basic practices into your life.

In this session you will receive:

  • Multiple ways to embody the core attitude that fuels the MIM approach.

  • Specific examples of how you can bring each of the four basic practices into your most important relationships.

  • A ‘practice pathway’ that shows you fun and easily ways to build the basic practices into your life over time.

  • A set of custom-made ‘tasks’ and practices Jeff creates for you to maximize your learning and integration.

  • A free follow-up consolation with Jeff one month later.

Breakthrough Session: $400

Personal Coaching Sessions

If you have already been trained in MIM or you want to experience how Jeff’s approach can be applied to specific aspects of your life, contact Jeff about scheduling an individual coaching session.

Jeff will ask you to fill out a questionnaire before the session so that he can maximize his time with you. The goal of an individual session is to show you surprising ways you can bring the MIM approach to a specific area of your life. Jeff will give you many general recommendations of specific behaviors and tasks that will shift your situation positively, and he will also design a specific plan of action that will utilize MIM’s core practices.

See the FAQ page for more details on how unique an individual session can be, or set up a free phone/video consultation.

You can choose to work with Jeff for as many individual sessions as you wish. Week to week, month to month, or whenever the inspiration strikes.

Individual session: $200

Schedule a session

Let me know which program you are most interested in, and we can get started. If you would like a free phone/video consultation, email me, and I’d be happy to tell you more and answer any of your questions.

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