The Core Mindset

MIM is composed of five core shifts in how you think about your connections to the people in your life. Jeff begins by teaching you specific ways to ground yourself in this attitude. You can read specifically about each of the five key ideas in Jeff's forthcoming book, but they can be boiled down to one fundamental shift in thought:

Whether we are talking about your relationship with your child, partner, best friend or co-worker, the essence of the connection itself — the positive felt sense of  the relationship —  lives inside of you and can always be accessed. In other words, whether you realize it or not, you are always already in connection. That might sound strange at first. We are taught to define our connections from the outside, by what’s been going on recently, whether it be positive experiences of bonding and having fun or negative experiences of irritation or arguments. Those elements certainly matter, but they are tiny compared to your deeply felt sense of the connection itself. Jeff’s approach will show you how to see this clearly so that you can live and act from this experience with intention.

The MIM approach gives you simple ways to quickly get in touch with this core experience. For many people, this first step is already life-changing because they realize that they no longer have to surrender to the outer circumstances. Working with Jeff’s approach allows you to begin building new habits into your emotional life that quickly bring you back to this generative starting point. The MIM Method shows you how to integrate this fundament shift in attitude into how you connect with the people in your life.

“I'd recommend any course or consultation Jeff has on offer, knowing that he'd sense what was most needed at the time, and that he'd also notice if the need changed and then offer something else, something both playful and heartfelt, some wise and true and skillful way of working to meet the moment.” — Wendy Martyna, Ph.D.

“When I think back on my work with Jeff, I remember lots of laughter. And I remember always feeling so curious what tasks Jeff were going to design for me each week. He taught me how to see my life as more of an adventure, and he gave me lots of cool maps to explore the terrain of my relationships more deeply.” - Zareen Gurrian

My favorite moment during sessions is when my client and I both suddenly see that we’ve discovered a little hidden treasure within them, some new way of naturally and joyfully expressing  themselves in the world and with the people they care most about.” -  Jeff Falzone

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